“No big deal.”

Growing up I read this story about a man in north India who teaches kids from poor families and prepares them for IIT college entrance exams. When he was asked why he did it he said when he was young M.I.T, Boston had offered him admission but he could not join because he couldn’t afford it. It broke his heart and he took the decision of helping kids in rural areas who are ambitious but cannot afford to pay for expensive entrance exam classes.

Recently I also read the story of an Irani teenager who said his dreams of going to M.I.T were shattered due to the executive order passed in U.S.

Now..I need your help. You see, my sugarplum has these occasional low self-esteem attacks and I have to remind him – “You have a PhD from M.I.T. You know how many people struggle to get there?” And the response I get is “It’s no big deal.” This is usually followed by few sad sighs – which makes me sad. You see, I have married a very ambitious man who, like many of us, has to deal with the troughs and crests of life.

So here is what I need from you – if you or anyone you know has a question about M.I.T – student life there, admissions, or how students decide your dorm based on the color of your underwear!! Lol. Yes, any query or curiosity – drop it in my comment box so I can make my geeky Sugarplum answer it for you. And I know he would love to help anyone out. 🙂

P.S.: Please excuse the typos and errors in this post – I have never written a post while I’m riding in the train.

Haya Creations Review

My fiance got me this pretty dress from HayaCreation.com, so I thought I would write a quick review about our experience.


It’s a semi stitched dress and the pattern on it looks pretty. But the real deal looks a tiny bit dull in color compared to the picture and the cloth is really..I mean REALLY thin. I don’t mean this is negative way (rather neutral). I wish they would send the inner lining too along with the dress since it isn’t easy for me to go looking for the same precise color plain fabric (times when I wish I was back in India.).

I am kind of having second thoughts about my initial plan to order my wedding lehenga from Haya Creations.

Other than that they do a really good job with refund (previous experience), shipping etc.

If anyone has any suggestions on where I can order a wedding lehenga from (Indian/Pakistani style) please let me know. 🙂

The Puzzle

Sugarplum: “Do you like Puzzles?”

Sweetie: “Ya..like when I was five.”

Soon after this short conversation, Sweetie and Sugarplum decided to bring home a 750 pieces puzzle.


DAY 1: Let the sorting begin!



Day 2:

Sugarplum: “Now whose effed up idea was this?”

Sweetie: “Yours.”


Day 3: “Windows. So. Many. Windows.”



Day 4: The Bridge!!



Day 5: “I don’t think they gave us all the pieces.”



Day 6: Almost there.








Bridges of Amsterdam — Leonid Afremov, 750 Pieces Puzzle

We are looking for a nice 2000 pieces puzzle that can go in our living room. If you have any suggestions do let me know. 🙂

Happy New Year!!

A part of me does not want this year to end. I have traveled so much and made so many amazing friends this year..more importantly – I met my sugarplum!

That aside, thank you for welcoming me back to Blogville – that amazing wonderland I discovered when I was 15 years old but had to take a looonnngg break from thanks to medical school.

Wishing you all a very happy new year! 🙂 🙂 Here is a make-up laden Sweetie for ya! lol